Sunday, July 18, 2010

Classic -limited edition variants

Changing the physical characteristics of a product – by creating utility, or delivering what represents true value to the customer are tried and tested ways of strengthening a brand. Product and marketing innovation are key to success and the more creative a brand is, the further it goes. This nurturing and development of a loyal customer depends not just on the degree to which a brand’s marketing employs images and words that resonate with an audience, but also on how well the product itself meets their needs and preferences.
More brands than ever before are crossing categories, introducing flavour variants, establishing new usage rites and rituals and bravely daring to be different. There was for example the case of Moonshot Beer, a light-brewed, Pilsner- style brew with 45mgs of caffeine added to it. This gave it the advantage of crossing two consumer goods segments: caffeinated beverages and beer. What the makers of Moonshot did is meet the needs the consumer for a nice cosy cup of warm coffee or a “let’s go have a beer” in one fell swoop.
Where Classic is concerned the brand is following a similar crossover approach in order to freshen the brand’s qualities and reinforce its appeal. The Classic brand has a long history of innovation, moving from full flavour to introduce Lights, Milds and Menthol variants. Today, the brand is fast travelling into the next dimension with the introduction of limited edition flavoured line extensions in designer packaging.
In the US ,blends have used fruit flavours such as berry, lime, coconut and citrus; sweet flavours like vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, mint, and toffee; and even alcohol in the shape of bourbon, with catchy names like Kauai Kolada, Twista Lime and Berry Blast . Classic Cigarettes too has have produced a range of tea, coffee, citrus and orange blends to deliver a product that offers a different kind of pleasure, inviting its followers to discover a passion in a different but no less premium way.
There is something about flavoured cigarettes which evokes a kind of exotic sophistication, a whiff of the Rivera,. An indulgence reserved for special occasions that exemplifies the luxury concept of “smoking flavour to experience yet another taste.” Classic has combined innovation and creativity to turn the rules of the game on their head,
What is it that George Bernard Shaw wrote? “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, any progress depends on the unreasonable man.”